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    At the Law Offices of Kristy Qiu, client satisfaction is our Number One goal. Our team of trustworthy Coral Springs Bankruptcy Attorney understands that financial problems can take a toll. We also understand that every client is unique, therefore, every situation is different. We are committed to providing an affordable legal representation tailored to fit your unique situation. We’ll explain the bankruptcy law in a manner that is understandable to all.  We will navigate you through the treacherous waters of bankruptcy, and help you reach the safe harbor.

    Coral Springs Bankruptcy Attorney

    Coral Springs Bankruptcy Attorney

    If you’re drowning in credit card and medical bills, if you’re overwhelmed by financial responsibilities, if you’re facing a lawsuit, or if your income is already being garnished, don’t fight alone – let us help you. The end to your financial worries may be just one quick call away.

    Bankruptcy may:

    • Stop harassing collection practice, including phone calls and collection notices;
    • Stop wage garnishment or garnishment proceedings;
    • Stop or prevent foreclosure proceedings;
    • Save your home or other real estate;
    • Eliminate your credit card debt;
    • Eliminate your medical bills;
    • Eliminate payday or unsecured personal loans;
    • Eliminate judgments against you; or
    • Wipe the slate clean and rebuild your credit.

    Attorney fee and related costs: We are currently offering a flat fee service. Your marital status, number of creditors, nature of debt, number of real estate properties you owe, number of debt you wish to reaffirm, etc. are irrelevant. The flat fee service is offered to everyone regardless of your current situation concerning any of the factors.

    .To discuss your concerns regarding bankruptcy, foreclosure, debt liquidation, or debt repayment plans, contact a knowledgeable Coral Springs Bankruptcy Attorney. Call us at (954) 282-8296 to arrange an initial consultation and find out what we can do for you.